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The SABC wants to charge all internet users for access to Media, such as Youtube, Netflix, ShowMax, etc.

I think it would be a terrible waste of time and resources and would add no value to South Africa as a whole.

The addition of a tax on any internet access, media of any kind including video, or for similar services, would simply continue to devalue South Africa and made the country less likely to survive, or compete, in the global market.

Implementation of this law would probably be yet another reason for citizens of all races and cultures to leave, revolt, or rebel against the government.

It is completely unreasonable for the government to tax citizens for services that they do not use or for services that add no value to these citizens.

Considering the continued fraud and ongoing issues with corruption, this would simply be another source of such.

The SABC should be shut down, and private services should be encouraged to replace the its existing media function.

If the government wants to provide ‘free’ media to the masses, it should utilize the existing tax system to do so, not attempt to charge some people for a ‘tv’ license.

The entire concept seems unenforceable and unmanageable. How would the SABC be able to even determine who was liable for such a fee?

Personally, I don’t use any of these services and this would therefore not be applicable to me. I can however imagine that other people would be outraged if asked to pay the SABC for a service that the SABC itself does not actually provide. This would fit perfectly into the legal definition of fraud.

In short, not only will this become yet another service that people refuse, but would have terrible negative impact on society, negative impact on the image of the government, and lead to more corruption and fraud.

I am therefore completely against this.

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